Prebuilt Accounts

Note: By applying for any of these accounts, you agree to abide by our Terms of Service.

Standard Shell Account
Account comes with 10 megs of hard drive space. 5 TCP connections and 0 ports
are availiable for this account. Ram limited to 2 megs, and CPU limited to 1%.
Price: $2/month

Developer's Account
Ideal for the developer who needs a quick, cheap, and fast Linux server to
store and compile his programs on. This account allows for 50 megs of disk
usage, 1 port, 5 TCP connections, 16 megs of RAM usage, and 5% CPU usage.
Price: $10.75/month

Beginner's MUD Account
Perfect for the startup mud looking for a reliable host. The account is
comes ready for you with 50 megs of disk space, 1 port, 10 TCP connections,
8 megs RAM usage, and 2% CPU usage.
Price: $7/month

Intermediate MUD Account
Customized for a MUD that is ready for the next step. The account is
equipped nicely with 100 megs of disk space, 2 port, 20 TCP connections,
8 megs RAM usage, and 3% CPU usage.
Price: $13/month

Advanced MUD Account
After your MUD begins to grow, you may want to upgrade, or even start out with
our Advanced MUD package. This package features 150 megs disk space, 3 ports, 50
TCP connections, 16 megs RAM usage, and 5% CPU usage.
Price: $22/month